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Setting line-ending with GIT

Update Git Config Open file global config (E.g.: C:\Users\yourname\.gitconfig), add like below. 1. Force Git to use LF everywhere [core] eol = lf autocrlf = input 2. Force Git to use CRLF everywhere [core] eol = crlf autocrlf = false… Continue Reading →

Use existing SSH key on a newly installed Ubuntu

If you have a copy of your ssh keys, then simply copy the key files to the ~/.ssh/ directory. E.g., cp /path/to/my/key/id_rsa ~/.ssh/id_rsa cp /path/to/my/key/ ~/.ssh/ Change permissions on file sudo chmod 600 ~/.ssh/id_rsa sudo chmod 600 ~/.ssh/ Start the… Continue Reading →

Run NodeJS Scripts with Windows Task Scheduler

You don’t need all those extra arguments. Just use the following settings: Program/Script: node (or “C:\Proram Files\node\node.exe” if it’s not in your PATH)Arguments: C:\Users\user\folder\script.js References:

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